Direct Access Gastrointestinal Scope Procedures (Endoscopy/ Colonoscopy)

What is Direct Access Endoscopy/ Colonoscopy?

Dr Kozman offers Direct Access Endoscopy/ Colonoscopy to eligible patients. This is a service which has been developed to provide direct and prompt access for patients requiring gastrointestinal scope procedures.

How can General Practitioners refer a patient?

Referral for this service can be made by:

  • Completion and electronic transmission of the online form.
  • Completion of the paper form and fax/ email to SurgerySA.
  • Referral letter to SurgerySA with words “Direct Access” stipulated.

Who is eligible?

Patients fulfilling the following criteria may be eligible to proceed to gastrointestinal scope procedure without prior medical consultation:

  • <75 years of age
  • Fit and healthy
  • No blood thinning medications (apart from Aspirin)
  • No history of heart, lung, kidney or liver disease
  • No history of neurological disease (stroke, seizures etc)
  • No history of diabetes
  • BMI < 35 and no high anaesthetic risk factors

Otherwise, a medical consultation may be required prior procedure being booked (this may be either telehealth or face-to-face).

The Direct Access Scope Procedure process

After receipt of a Direct Access Colonoscopy/ Endoscopy referral, patients will be contacted by our staff to make the appropriate arrangements. This may involve an appointment for:

  • A medical consultation prior to the procedure being booked if required (which may be either telehealth or face-to-face), OR
  • A Gastrointestinal Scope Procedure (Endoscopy/ Colonoscopy) directly, for those patients not requiring a formal pre-procedure consultation. Dr Kozman will review these patients on the allocated day of their procedure.

A booking for Direct Access Colonoscopy/ Endoscopy cannot be confirmed until you have spoken to our staff and the necessary hospital booking forms have been completed.

For those who have never had a gastrointestinal scope procedure in the past, information is available on this website to allow you to become familiar with what the procedure involves. Click here to read more.

How will the reports/ results of the procedure be distributed?

The Referring doctor will directly receive a letter, copy of the procedure and pathology reports.

If a follow-up appointment:

  • Is NOT required, this will be sent within 5 days of the procedure.
  • IS required, this will be sent after that appointment (within 2 weeks of the procedure).

All patients will be provided with a copy of the procedure report to take home on the day of their procedure.


Please refer to the fees, payment and insurance section of this website for more information regarding fees for procedures.